David F. Carr

Welcome to my portfolio website. I’m David F. Carr, versatile and inventive writer, editor, speaker, and digital content creator.

This website is mostly a jumping off point to where you can learn more about me and my work, including:

Who I am

I’ve been an editor at InformationWeek, Baseline Magazine, and Internet World, a marketing content creator for Rimini Street and Redbooth, and an independent consultant on marketing and digital strategy. Currently I work with journalists as Senior Insights Manager at Similarweb, where I seek out online trends revealed by Similarweb data.

I am also the author of Social Collaboration for Dummies and have spoken at tech conferences internationally about how social, chat, and video technologies are changing the way we communicate and collaborate within businesses.

You can see more of my bio at https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidfcarr/

On stage in Stockholm
Speaking at the Digital Collaboration conference in Stockhom.

What I do

  • Journalism – In-depth articles, leadership profiles, technology tutorials, and quick hit news stories. Topics include digital transformation, CIO/CTO strategies, significant technologies like cloud and mobile computing, cybersecurity, and broader topics in business and technology leadership.
  • Marketing Content – executive ghostwriting, blog posts, customer case studies, white papers, ebooks, and copywriting for brochures, web pages, and email campaigns.
  • Editor – In both journalistic and marketing roles, I have recruited, managed, edited and coached writers. I’ve organized editorial calendars, collaborated with designers, and worked with other reviewers (including lawyers, in the case of some of my marketing work) to get the final product right.
  • Author and Public Speaker – I am the author of Social Collaboration for Dummies and have spoken and managed panel discussions at tech conferences internationally.
  • Digital – Expert user of WordPress, Camtasia (video demos and video editing), YouTube, and social media.

Why me

Hire me because of my depth of experience creating, managing, and editing content about CIO priorities and the IT industry — or simply because I’m a quick study on any topic and do quality work. One of my favorite projects in recent years was working with the regional manager of a luxury hotel chain on an essay about hiring and motivating people in service organizations — a topic that had little to do with tech.

On the other hand, having talked with technology and digital leaders about the digital transformation of business since the rise of the web in the mid-1990s, I know the recurring issues of enterprise technology management. Having hands-on experience working with web programming, databases, and APIs also allows me to have detailed discussions about technology architecture and tradeoffs when that is an important part of the story.

My training as a journalist taught me that curiosity, a healthy dose of skepticism, and the willingness to do my homework work wonders when interviewing subject matter experts and creating compelling stories.

What stories can I tell for you?

Recent projects: