Samples for Skybox Security

Here is an assortment of writing samples covering topics of enterprise technology leadership, including some blogs with a security focus and a series of eBooks I did for SC Magazine. With the exception of the eBooks and a few articles for the Enterprisers Project that I’m including, most were published under the name of an tech exec I collaborated with.

Marketing Blogs with a Security Angle

Stop Chasing Vulnerability Ghosts: Why efficient vulnerability detection is essential to medical device security (Timesys)

Updating And Securing Java Under Oracle’s Latest Rules (Rimini Street blog)

Tech Marketing Blogs

My Biggest Surprise about the Salesforce-Slack Deal (written with CEO for LinkedIn and company blog; parts of this material picked up in a Techcrunch report)

Future of Work is Here – 10 Years of Progress Crammed into Few Months ( blog)

AI That Goes Beyond Hype: Voice Bots and Digital Assistants ( blog)

How Welch’s Squeezed More Value From IT With Rimini Street – written in collaboration with Dave Jackson, CIO at this client (Rimini Street blog)

What It Took for Me, as a CIO, to Consider Rimini Street – written in collaboration with a former CIO who now works for Rimini (sponsored post on

Reporting for the Enterprisers Project (sponsored by Red Hat)

Digital transformation: How to keep moving in tough times

Digital transformation: 5 tricky ways technical debt holds you back

Open source meeting tools: 3 things to know

SC Magazine eBooks

These were essentially journalistic projects, eBooks on cybersecurity topics that were sponsored by a vendor but focused on technology leadership for cybersecurity without any bias toward the sponsor (in most cases, I didn’t know who the sponsor was until after these were published).

Managing Invisible Assets: Security in the Cloud

GDPR: The Clock Is Ticking

AI: Utopia or Dystopia?