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Digital Transformation Articles for The Enterprisers Project

The editor of The Enterprisers Project Laurianne McLaughlin, who I previously worked with at InformationWeek, recently recruited me to write a series of articles on digital transformation topics.


This publication has a single sponsor, Red Hat, but my reporting for it is straight journalism. These are the sort of useful, practical articles we strove to publish at InformationWeek (at its best) about savvy applications of information technology. I don’t cover Red Hat competitors, but I don’t promote Red Hat either.

As for the subject matter: Many in the industry roll their eyes at the words “digital transformation,” given that computer systems have been digital all along. Still, those words are a useful shorthand for the possibilities (and competitive threats) arising from the proliferation of web, mobile, social, cloud, AI, and more all working together to transform business and the economy.

Digital transformation is not necessarily about technology, or not technology alone. Technology creates opportunities, but true transformation requires that technology and business leaders recognize the opportunity to create business models and execute well against that vision — not necessarily flawlessly, but learning along the way. Those are the people I seek to interview.

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